River Steamer

Check out this very quick and easy 28mm river steamer I made for wargaming…

The body is two pieces of balsa wood. It was a 4″ wide board, and I rounded off the stern and pointed the bow. The upper piece has the inner portion cut out, thus making a decent enough boat shape when glued on the lower hull.. The top is bass wood, and wood dowels were cut to hold it up. I coated the whole hull with wood glue to help it stay together– the balsa wood is very fragile, but the boat is actually fairly strong and I haven’t had any problems after using it a couple of times.
I’ve wanted one of these for a while, yet all the time it was only $10 and 20 minutes away. I seem to get more done when I stop worrying about how to do something right and just jump in and do it.


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