More Miniatures Painted

I’ve been making a bit of progress lately! I’ve got all my Napoleonic French infantry done (well, all that I bought…I have two more bags ordered and on the way now), plus I took a break to paint up a Warmachine Khador Devastator warjack. Read on to see how I’m staying on track…

I’m actually making more progress by doing a slow and steady approach…just painting when I feel like it, trying to keep up a reasonable one unit (four stands in the case of Napoleonics) a week schedule. I’m a week ahead, currently painting French artillery which doesn’t need to be done until the end of next week to remain on schedule, so I have some additional leeway and don’t feel under any pressure. So far, I’ve completed about 9 units and roughly 160 figures. My target is around 24 units, enough for a two player Piquet game, so I’m about 1/3 of the way there. In my spare time, I’m reading Napoleonic books and trying to stay away from getting into other historical periods and not get distracted by some other project. If I start to get burnt out (like now, looking at ugly half-complete French artillerists), I can take a break by working on some Warmachine warjacks. If I keep it up, I should reach my goal by around Christmas…but I’m not putting any money on it.


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