Painting the foot knights

Okay, so I decided to start on the three sticks of foot knights. For whatever reason, the spray paint didn’t cover that well.

It’s just Krylon spray paint, nothing special. It normally does just fine. It was acting more like a wash, fading off the raised areas. At first, I thought maybe it was mold release on the figures. I didn’t wash them or do anthing to prep them first. However, on one stick, the front was bad but the back was okay. The cavalry was particularly bad, so I took a little time to just roughly paint them black.
I then drybrushed them white. I’ve heard of people doing this so that your raised areas tend to be brighter and highlighted, but I never paint with thin enough paints to get this effect. It does, however, show off the detail well, and is quicker than waiting for a wash to dry. It doesn’t photograph particularly well, though!

This worked out really well for me, though, as I found my metallics were transulcent enough for this effect to really make a difference. I liberally drybrushed the first stick silver, and the last two with gunmetal followed by silver. I didn’t see much of a difference, both looked pretty nice. I had in mind a pretty simple paint scheme, just lots of silver plate mail with crusader crosses, so I painted the parts to be white first grey, the drybrushed white over it. Painted the red crosses on, and viola!

So, with wenty minutes for black paint and white drybrush, and one hour to actually paint the figures (6 stands, 18 strips, 108 individual figures). The total time so far is 2:20.


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