Better Pictures of White Collar Survivalist

I set up my light tent at lunch and took some much better photographs of RAFM’s White Collar Survivalist. I really like how this miniature turned out.


5 Responses to “Better Pictures of White Collar Survivalist”

  1. wahj Says:

    He reminds me of Michael Douglas’s character in “Falling Down”. Nicely painted.

  2. Andy Cowell Says:

    Thanks! Glad to see you’re posting again in your blog. I enjoy it.

  3. wahj Says:

    yeah, I was away from my wargames blog so long I didn’t even realise you had linked to it. I’ve returned the favour, btw. You’ve got a great site here, and it’s always inspiring to see what other people are painting.

  4. fatgoblin Says:

    Looks much better now! Didn’t realise from the poorer previous photo how good the pants and bag were in particular!
    And the sci fi figures are fun too! I bought a discounted box of ‘nids with the exact same intention but never carried it out.

  5. Andy Cowell Says:

    Thanks, fatgoblin. The light tent really makes a difference, it’s just a bit of a paint to pull out all the time. How do you take all your great pictures?

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