The Games People Play…at Historicon!

I’m off to my usual start, dying miserably on the shores around Mount Suribachi with TAC: Arc of Fire, and having my French and mercenaries driven from the field by a Hapsburg tercio with Piquet: Band of Brothers 2. All the vendors say I’m a true hero, though! Fun stuff!!

In the Iwo game, an American platoon was trying to sever a narrow portion of the island with five bunkers and several large shell holes. We never really stood a chance– the scenario was probably weighted against us, and our dice rolling was terrible. We were murdered in the first third of the table, although I did manage to take out one bunker.

The second game was a Piquet: Band of Brothers game, Hapsburgs vs. French. I ran the French with another guy, and we did okay, while French Uncontrolled Advances pushed them into difficult terrain (not something that probably would have happened had we known about it). Anyway, the French guy got tired (or frustrated, more likely) and left, so I took over for him and tried to extricate the French…not easy, and I couldn’t do it before I had four routers and hit a Major Morale while digging for an Engine of War Reload card, allowing my guns to fire point blank into my opponent’s Tercio. Ah well.

You can see the rest of my Thursday pictures here It looks like I uploaded them twice, so once you start seeing duplicates, there’s nothing new. I’ll clean it up later.


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