Charles Not In Charge

I played Piquet: Field of Battle 1809 game last night. I commanded the Austrian right, attempting to stop the French from crossing a stream. I performed adequately, having three poorer units routed, but my better three stuck around and defended a battery that continually pounded the French when the reached the banks. All was for naught as a cavalry division full of Cuirassiers crushed our left flank. Anyway, I really liked FoB. It’s still Piquet, but much simpler, and with a mechanism of ensuring even play while still allowing a better force to out-maneuver its opponents. Updated with pictures.

The table itself was really great– 10 players each side, each with 5-6 units (foot units were 18 25mm figures– that’s a lot of Napoleonics), and we played to conclusion in about three hours.

You can see the rest of my Friday pictures here.


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