Trident Designs 40mm AWI from MSC

A few weeks ago, Miniature Service Center sent out some Trident Designs 40mm AWI samples. I got one, and have just painted it up.

It really is a nice figure, and painted up well. I don’t think it took much longer than a regular 28mm figure. There’s more to paint, but everything is larger and easier to get to. I really like the figure, and plan on getting more once the British Lights or Line infantry are available. Grenadiers don’t seem like regular skirmish opponents to me. I’m thinking of just getting about 10 figures per side and doing some of the Jersey fights.


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  1. B Morrissey Says:

    Very nice painting Andy. I’m pretty much a dyed-in-the-wool 28mm man for this period (it helps that I know Alan Perry), but these are definitely tempting for skirmish games.
    By the way, don’t dismiss grenadiers for such games. In British (and to some extent French) service, they were often used interchangeably with light infantry, especially as the war progressed with both types able to alternate as shock troops or skirmishers. The German contingents commonly used platoons of grenadiers as formed (ie close order) bayonet support for jaegers in the same way that Morgan’s riflemen were supported by Dearborn’s corps at Saratoga.
    Brendan Morrissey

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