5150 Star Wars

Here are some pictures from our 5150 Star Wars games last night. We’re working on some rules we’ll put out soon.

Game one, with the Rebels with just pistols, which I was assured was correct but which left the Rebels hideously outgunned (12″ range vs. 24″ for the Stormtroopers meant just about any time the Rebels were shot at, they Ducked Back). The Stars, since they couldn’t really get any supporting fire, just got creamed in a two way crossfire.

In the second game, we gave the Rebels a 24″ range (although I think we’ll just do custom weapons and give them an 18″ range). It went much better. We also closed down a couple of very open fire lanes. The Rebels were able to keep the Stormtroopers heads down (making a squad run away in the first turn and flee the table on their Recovery attempt!) The stormtroopes just didn’t have much luck this game…one tried to throw a thermal detanator around a corner, fumbled it, and Obviously Deaded his squad leader!


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