It’s the Most Beautiful Time of the Year…

Yes, the time when the craft stores carry Halloween and Christmas village things to use for terrain!

A buddy turned me on to the “Moss Display Mats.” It’s basically a mesh with reindeer moss glued to it. This will do really well for the wood outlines for my SG2 game. The alternative was to cut MDF with my jigsaw out in the garage…not something I was looking forward to. Also, I found these Christmas village hills– two identical sets! Hard to beat, although they were $13 each. That sucks when I have bunch of foam board laying around, but then, it’s been laying around untouched for a looooong time. Taken out of the box, painted green and flocked, and I’ve got my two identical sets of hills. I can see the finish line… Also, a small Christmas tree that will become 40mm corn fields before too long.


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