Recent Painting

Some pictures of what I’ve been painting lately.

First off, a bunch of Reaper figures I’ve had for ages and finally got around to painted. These were basically me trying out the new “Velas” technique I’ve been talking about. I thought they turned out pretty nice! I put them up on TMP to sell and sold the Cthulhu and the troll pretty quickly. The rhino centaur is still available, I’ll probably post him again on TMP on Monday.

Several of my friends have 40k armies, and I have enough figures for the 400 point armies of the “Combat Patrol,” or 40k in 40 minutes, scenario. So I’ve been talking to them about playing this. I really didn’t want to go out and buy the $50 rulebook, though. I thought about the guy who, through a series of trades, traded a red paperclip for a house. I decided I would do the same thing, trading some worthless miniature up to the 40k rulebook. Mik suggest this headless trollop– he had used the head in a conversion, and the body has been sitting on my painting table for several months. So, I painted her up like a ghost! It turned out pretty well, and it looks like I got quite a significant first trade– three GZG SG2 vehicles. So not only will I be working my way up to the 40k rulebook, it will also stretch my painting muscles, as vehicles are not something I’m particularly good at.

Here are some mummies from Reaper. I like all of Reapers Egyptian themed figures, and have many of them, but have never painted any up! I pulled these out to paint to sell…but I’m torn. I like them. I could probably use them. I may not sell them after all.

This is the first Old Glory Army figure from their second series, cowboys. I have a few cowboys, but it’s not a big thing with me, so I wasn’t crazy about this guy. I am looking at Legends of the Old West for FIW. I bought a copy on eBay, but the sale is falling apart (guy had a good rating, but didn’t respond for 2 weeks, then said he had e-mail problem and the book had already been sold. He offered a refund but I haven’t seen it yet…sigh). SO, anyway, assuming that I end up needing another copy of LotOW, I will “trade up” this figure like the strumpet for it. This is fun. Updated: The money was refunded, and this figure is available.

Here are those two Sash & Saber FIW Indians I painted up (as well as the Trident AWI preacher). I thought they turned out really well. The one with the shirt has only a separate head, but the other figure has a separate torso as well as head. I didn’t do any fancy modeling on them– I didn’t even prefit them– I just slapped them together with epoxy. This gave a few of them long necks, but I think they all look pretty good. And for $2, you just can’t beat it.

Some Old Glory ghostly pirates I bought at GenCon– the first to use the “Velas” technique on.


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  1. mik Says:

    Your painting productivity always puts me to shame. Good lookin’ stuff too, I like the way the Native Americans turned out…a lot. Definitely keep the mummies too, you never know when they’ll turn up as being handy.

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