Blood Bowl!

In a real blast from the past, Mik and I played a game of Blood Bowl last night. His Chaos beat my Humans 1-0. It was a great game. I really had forgotten what a fun, great game Blood Bowl is. We’re starting up a league.
You may be aware of FUMBBL— I finally got around to registering for it and plan on playing some games there. What you may not be aware of– in fact, you definitely aren’t aware of it unless you’re one of about ten or so people who have very great memories– is that I was one of the first people to play Blood Bowl online. I started getting guys from the old Blood Bowl mailing list to play via IRC. This is probably 10 or so years ago. I made– long gone, but there are still references to it hanging around— and wrote a chat bot called NuffleBot to roll dice for us. There were no graphics, I had my board out next to the computer with both teams on it, like old school chess, and would relay the changes to my opponent. “#12 from E4 to J1” or whatever. Ah, the good ol’ days!! Talk about just like old times…Mik caught me in an Illegal Procedure, and I forgot to use my Apothecary!
Did I tell you about taking 3rd place in the ’95 UK Games Day? I’m in two issues of White Dwarf… Didja see my stunty Gutter Runner? Huh? Didja huh?
Update: Here you go, old school. That looks like almost 15 years old…man, I’m old.


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