Miniatures For Sale

Here’s some stuff I’ve painted recently, and some I will be posting on TMP for sale.

First up are some 40mm Sash and Saber FIW Indians.

I haven’t been particularly historical with the tattoos. I figure they varied quite a bit among individuals. I’ve tried to use what I’ve seen in the Ospreys as a basis. Now, the guy on the left, I painted a black line down his face. Then I thought it would look could with a red line down either side. Then I realized his head looked like a football helmet. I do like the guy in the shirt– even if I did forget his eyebrows.
I got a bunch of Fantasy done. Here’s a reaper Egyptian:

Black Tree Designs giant spiders:

A Reaper giant spider:

A Reaper giant bat:

And finally some old RAFM spider mutants:

Oops! Almost forgot, Poncho now has Lefty to contend with:

I had intended to sell the spider and such before Halloween but real life, as always, intruded.


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  1. Roger Says:

    awesome stuff, please feel free to post it at our “trader zone” too if you like!

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