Shadows Over Camelot

Verily! There is much goodness in yon game. We played two games of Shadows Over Camelot last night. It way the first time for Mik and me to play, and our buddy Ray, who owns the game, ran us through it. We played the first time without a traitor, and although we had a tough time defending Camelot towards the end thanks to taking catapults earlier in the game, won pretty handily. The second game, though, we played with the Traitor and had an absolute blast!

Things were going pretty well in the game. I picked up all three quest items, and was absolutely firmly convinced that Ray was the traitor. Using Lancelot’s Armor, I picked up two Evil cards. One would give the Dragon his questing, costing us a black sword, but the other would give us two more catapults to 11. I give up the Dragon’s quest. This seemed to make Mik think I was the Traitor, so he accused me! White sword to black. I turned around and accused Ray to try and get it back, but he was loyal, too!! ANOTHER white sword to black! Now we were really in trouble. We were sitting with 6 black swords and 5 white swords. We had a way to pull 2 white swords off of defeating the Picts, by using my Heroic card to get an extra white sword, but it would have been hugely close. Mik used his knight’s ability to look at the top card, declared that we would all lose if it was played, and put out a catapult. I used the Armor again to check the top two cards, and he was obviously BSing. So, unfortunately, I jumped at the chance to reveal him– giving us one white sword, filling the Round Table with 6 white and 6 black cards, and costing us the game! Ah well, it didn’t look like we could stop the Picts in time before Mik would have hosed us. We all had a BLAST with this game!!


3 Responses to “Shadows Over Camelot”

  1. Mik Says:

    Yeah, that game was pretty cool indeed, especially the traitor aspect of it. You beat me to the first post, but I’ll get one up soon, with some pics (not Picts)! I definitely would like to try it with double the number of players in the future…

  2. Tee Says:

    Hey guys,
    Blast from the past here. I have a friend with this game and it is a ton of fun. We actually haven’t played with the traitor yet, but we did find that the game changes a lot based on the number of players. We’re awaiting the expansion and I’m sure once it hits we’ll dust off the game and have at it again.

  3. Andy Says:

    I haven’t played it a lot (or since), but my impression was that the game was a little too easy without the Traitor, and adding it made the game a whole lot more fun.

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