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I started my miniature gaming with Epic and Blood Bowl back in the day. I still play Blood Bowl, but have never been a fan of the mainstream GW games. I got tired of the rules complications and contradictions. I also complain a lot about the prices, but the fact is that have bought a large number of 40k models, just because I liked them (and could, typically, get them at a discount on eBay or where ever). The fact remains that I never cared for the 40k rules much and have stayed away for a long while. Until last night…

I’m sure Mik will have some pictures up soon, but we played a very fun 1,000 point 40k 5th edition game last night. Yes, it was overly heroic and involved charges across vast expanses of open space with cricket bat-sized hand-to-hand weapons in the face of enemy armor. However, the rules were reasonably clear, not overly complex and, frankly, gave a fun game.
I had 1,000 points of Necrons against an alliance of Mik’s Tau and Ray’s Imperial Guard. Every figure, except for one of mine, was painted and painted well. It was a nice spectacle, although we do need to work on terrain. We played on a 6×4 table, and– I don’t remember the scenario specifics– had to capture four objective markers on the table in 5-7 turns. Knowing there was a deadline pushed us, but the uncertainty of when, exactly, it would occur left all of us not quite where we wanted to be at the end of the game, with me in possession of a single objective for the win.
Anyway, it was a very fun way to sit around and drink beer with your friends and push models across the table. I still won’t go to tournaments and subject myself to competitive adolescent min-maxers, but I’ll sure play it again in good company.


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  1. Mik Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself (although I did try). Our terrain does need some work, but seeing fully painted armies on the tabletop really does add immensely to the experience, and yeah, I had a blast, which is the bottomline. Pics are up too:

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