Painting Vehicles

I got these 25mm Ground Zero Games Stargrunt vehicles in trade a while back. I had intended to trade them up for the 40k rules, but procrastinated– a good thing, since the new version was coming out. Anyway, the main reason I held off painting them is because I just don’t paint vehicles. I’ve never been any good at it, and was frankly hesitant to do it. I took them as a challenge, and I think that the results of my attempt are good. See for yourself how I did it.

First, I cleaned the vehicle and primed it. I actually dabbled with priming white or black, but the spray paint I used covered so well that I couldn’t tell any difference. Thus, most are just primered white.

Next, I spray painted the vehicle a sold color– in this case, Testor Model Master’s Afrika Mustard. I then masked off large, irregular areas with torn pieces of card stock. Some are white and new, others have already been used and are thus olive drab.

With the masks applied, I painted the entire vehicle Testor Model Master’s Olive Drab.

Here’s what it looks like with the masks removed. Pretty nice!

Next, I hand painted additional details, like the hover skirt and the gun barrel.

I washed the entire vehicle with Games Workshop’s Gryphonne Sepia wash. It was a fairly thick wash, and glazed the entire paint job quite nicely.

After drying, I finished up with some light drybrushing of tan for weathering and scratches, and viola!


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