Are Ya Ready for some BLOOD BOWL?

It’s BLOOD BOWL TIME in Tennessee! I just finished up my Orc Blood Bowl team. This surpasses my Ogryn Genestealer hybrid in the length of time to finish…neigh unto 15 years in the making?

Here’s a pic of the entire team. I’m something of a completest, so I have painted one of every possible position. I can then play around with various different rosters.

The goblins and Ripper Bolgrot! The front three goblins are all conversions. The running one was a goblin wolf rider– I trimmed the tab off only one foot, then mounted in a running position. The hockey mask goblin is ancient, probably done back in ’94-95. All the figures with the painted gravel base date back to about then. The newly painted goblins have different uniforms and bases, as I intend to expand them into their own team.

Varagh Ghoul Chewer and Fungus da Loon. This Varagh may well be the very first 25mm figure. Actually, now that I think about it, I do have a really ancient Ral Partha evil monk I did when I was around 12, so it’s the first I did after an extremely long hiatus.

Da linemen. The guy with the broken spike is another ancient figure. He may be my first conversion– I cut off his arm and reglued it about 15 degrees higher! w00t!

Da throwahs! I based all my figures on their home pitch– the humans have a nice field, the goblins have a swamp, and the orcs have ROCKS. You see the thrower on the left standing above a rock no doubt broken with some poor elf’s head.

Da blitzahs…form a conga line!

Da Black Orcs…dance to YMCA!

I couldn’t resist– even though it’s not in the latest versions of the rules, somebody the Zap! spell will return, and I will be ready with this adorable little Impact Miniatures frog.


4 Responses to “Are Ya Ready for some BLOOD BOWL?”

  1. Mik Says:

    I, in fact, am ready for some Blood Bowl! I’m thinking of doing a repaint of my entire Chaos team however…

  2. bcantwell Says:

    I’m ready too!. I have the EgyptoUndead fully painted and ready to play. I have a Dark Elf team I want to paint but I’m waiting for the Muse to strike me with something original (not the same old GW or D&D interpretations). Also have the orcs and humans from the game box who are destined to be painted in maroon and burnt orange for a fantasy football version of Texas A&M vs. t.u. (aka University of Texas). My new Heresy ogres have to await the arrival of more funds so that I can get some sort of snotling-equivalent for them (likely either the Impact hobimps or imps).

  3. Brian Says:

    On a related note, I saw the other day that a lot of 22 OOP GW Blood Bowl Snotlings sold on EBay for $114.50!

  4. Andy Says:

    Those Snotlings are seriously awesome. I sold all mine. 😦

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