CD Tower Terrain

I’ve mentioned picking up 40k with Mik and some others, and we’ve bemoaned the fact they while we all (now) have fully painted and nice looking armies, we don’t have the terrain to match. So, this is my first effort to try and bring the table up to speed with the figures.

I’ve had this piece mostly assembled and laying about for a couple of years. It was originally intended for Necromunda. You can probably recognize the CD tower it was originally. Hardware cloth makes the ladder and the railing around a spray can lid, with old glue bottle lid antennas. The Eagles were some decals I found on Bolter and Chainsword, which I printed onto cardstock and laboriously cut out with an X-acto knife. The terminal panel was put together using plasticard from a “Beware of Dog” sign (cheaper than the hobby stuff) and an artists’ sculpting form screen.
I finally stumbled upon a very nice color combination for rust. 2 parts brown, 2 parts orange, and 1 part metallic brass. It was very satisfactory when thinned to a wash and let run down the sides of the tower.
I washed the entire thing with GW’s Gryphonne Sepia. I like the color, but it was too thick. I tried to thin it and tone it down acceptably. The next one will be better.
The detritus on the ground consists of various Woodland Scenics ballasts and sands, mixed with ground up sprues and other bits of trash like small cut offs of plasticard and screens I’ve collected over the years. The large piece is actually part of a car stereo mount. They were drybrushed up from black, then washed with the above rust and GW washes. I’ve used a similar technique on some Necromunda terrain a while back. My thought was with the debris and the grass, it might fit in with either board.

Seen in action on Mik’s battle report. I’ve got two more old towers of this size, plus one that’s double the height. They will soon end up as matching pieces, I hope.


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  1. Mik Says:

    The pics are great, which make the fact that it looks even better in person all the more impressive.

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