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Jon Tuffley from Ground Zero Games, makers of Full Thrust, Dirtside 2, and Stargrunt 2, is working on a new set of rules called Stargrunt: Assault Company. They are geared to reside between Stargrunt and Dirtside in terms of scale, with multiple 15mm figures per base. I’m sure the rules will be great, just like all the other GZG rules, and I will probably buy them just to have them, but I just don’t see myself playing them. I’ve never seen a single multi-figure base Sci-Fi game in the US. I’ve seen pictures of a few in the UK, so maybe they’re more common there. Jon seems to be gearing rules towards his better selling 15mm line, and after 14+ years, FMA Skirmish seems to be officially Jon’s lowest priority, which makes me quite sad and disappointed.


3 Responses to “Playtest Rules from GZG”

  1. Brian Says:

    On a related note, the guys who produce Cold War Commander and Blitzkreig commander have also recently released a SF version – Future War Commander – which comes with the option for playing with multiple-figure bases or as a 1:1 skirmish game. Maybe there will be a trend to some more unit based sci-fi games…

  2. Mik Says:

    I’m pretty sure Battletech uses multi-troop bases as well, but the scale kinda demands it. FWC might be worth a look in the 1:1 department, my SGII army demands it!

  3. Brian Says:

    I think a multi-figure based SF game could be fun. I can definitely envision an “alien invasion” game with some suitable hi-tech aliens against the “low tech” modern humans that I already have for Ak-47 Republic.
    Maybe I should pick up a few 15mm greys…

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