sixtwentyeight has some very nice pictures of his modern Israelis for CWC, as well as other really beautiful 6mm figures.

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  1. Brian Says:

    When are you going to run a CWC game for us?
    I have some fast movers (jets) and air defense units (SA-2, SA-3, etc) painted in Egyptian and Libyan colors. I also have a couple F-4 Phantoms I was planning to paint in Israeli markings. We were playing Phantoms (a derivative of the old Avalon Hill Mustangs game) with these, but after having played CY6!, I really think those rules will just seem slow and clunky. Scott and the crew at are working on a jet version of Check Your Six! but it will be a while before it is finished.

  2. Andy Says:

    I’ll put something together and run it soon. Maybe for some night when there aren’t so many of us– I don’t think I could field enough units for 6+ of us.

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