Old Dog Learns New Tricks

Okay. Well. I recently complained about how much I hated photography. I have taken some good pictures in the past, it’s just always been a huge hassle– set up a light tent, remember all the friggin’ settings on my camera, muck about with lighting, loading each picture in some complicated program like GIMP, etc… It just wasn’t worth it to me. However, reading that post from Wee Toy Soldiers, I really thought he made it sound manageable, so I took another crack at it– and was suitably impressed. It’s still a bit of a hassle, but something I’m willing to manage to get pictures that look like this. I think the key thing I brought away from the article was using Picasa. It was simple and had all the tools I needed ready and easily available, as well as letting me have quick access to all my different photographs. Win! So, I went ahead and took pictures of my Orlock Necromunda gang, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

First, here are the Goliaths and Ratskin brave again, in much better presentation. You can even see the eyes!

And now, on to my Orlocks. These guys have been painted over the span of 14-15 years or so, ever since Necromunda first came out. Thus, they are painted in a variety of styles.
The Ratskin Scouts.

The oldish (new at the time) metal Catachans made EXCELLENT Orlocks, many without any conversions!

The Heavies. The rocket launcher is a converted Catachan loader.

The Leaders. The Catachan officer was a later addition, with a lot of milliput work. He has rat skull insignia on his shoulder pads.

The Juves.

Close combat specialists.

Whew! The guy on the right needs some touching up.

Shooters. If I recall correctly, the boltgun on the right used to be a lasgun.

More Catachans.

Bounty Hunter, Scummer and a Warmaster Necromancer as a Weird. If you look, his shoulderpads are Scaly hands, and each skull is from a Scaly, including the little children Scaly skulls. I mean, this guys really hates Scalies.


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