Oh No, There Goes Tokyo…

My oldest boy has strep and my girl has a cold, so I tried to think of something fun I could do for them as they are quarantined at home. Having been playing MPoc with the boy a bit recently, we camped out a safe distance apart on the couches and I popped in Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

The boy laughed when I pointed out the “units” of tanks defending against the “monster” Godzilla’s first attack on Tokyo, but it was the girl who went totally nuts. She’s such a delightfully obsessive little geek girl, and just sat there enthralled and peppering me with questions throughout the entire film. Of course, as obsessed as she is now, she’ll have no interest in it in a week– NOTHING AT ALL like her old man!! They both argued back and forth about whether or not Godzilla would die, since they knew there were lots of sequels. In the end, I finished by playing them Ifukube’s Godzilla Theme, BOC’s Godzilla and the Godzilla Genealogy bop. She ran and grabbed her iPod and begged to have them on there, which I did, along with a little Fu Manchu. I sense an upcoming family gift


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