Tiny Tin Toys

Tiny Tin Toys is a nice little blog. It’s first post was in September…and it’s last post was in that same September. I hope it gets updated again, but I’m afraid it’s yet another gamer’s flash in the pan blog. Still, I liked this post about creating custom markers for his army. Very nice, plus he linked to this Coding Horror post about how Quantity trumps Quality. I’d seen that post before, but forgotten about it, and I’m glad to have stumbled across it again, as I do agree with it. My children are very, very tired of me constantly harping about how they have to actually keep doing something before they can expect to actually do it well, but I forget about it myself. When I haven’t painted or done something hobbyish for an extended period, and finally get back into, I can really feel that my skills have weakened.


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