DiceCollector.com hosts the world’s largest collection of dice– 25,769. I can see that as the sort of activity that starts out fun and exciting, but by the time you have so many that you are referring to databases to prevent duplicates, the real fun is pretty much sucked out of it. I would have to put them all in a tub at some point and jump in. Well, maybe without the d4s…


5 Responses to “DiceCollector”

  1. Kevin Cook Says:

    I agree with you … in spirit … but as a database programmer … and Oracle Database Support Technical Lead … I actually still enjoy databases …. even if they are simple ones like Access 😛

  2. Andy Says:

    Okay, but the real question is– have you ever put them all in a tub and jumped in? 😉

  3. Kevin Cook Says:

    Nope … it would take too long to re-separate them again after I did 🙂
    And you arent the first person (nor will you be the last) to ask this 😛

  4. Andy Says:

    I know– you should make a Dice Pit at Gen Con and sell tickets!

  5. Kevin Cook Says:

    CHESSEX used to bring the ‘HOT TUB OF DICE’ but they havent done it for the past 2 times

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