Trucidos, Game 2

I got the second game of our Trucidos campaign finished tonight. It was a 750 point rematch between Chris and me, and a much harder fought battle. However, I managed through tactics and forgotten rules to wrangle out, in the end, a draw…

The table was fairly crowded, but everything on the table was painted and complete, and it looked pretty nice. We were playing for objectives out of opposite corners. I set up right outside the center circle, which was probably a mistake. I was trying to keep the objectives in reach, but Chris’s ‘nids were on me by the second turn.

My Necrons did much better in close combat this time. I made a lot of saves and a lot of We’ll Be Back rolls. I tried to keep my two (yes, only two) units of Warriors supporting each other, and had cleared Chris’s hormagaunts and rippers by turn 3-4.

Feeling cocky, I ran my Lord’s unit over to the hive tyrant, hoping for a quick kill. I couldn’t scratch this guy! I needed the Warscythe, but didn’t take it this game. The Monolith was also pretty useless. It arrived on turn 2, but only every got off one Particle Whip shot, which scattered off into the boonies. The rest of the time, the carnifex and the tyrant were either too close to use the whip safely, or in close combat with my own units.

The game ended on turn 6, with neither of us holding any objectives! Oh well, a tie beats a loss…


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