I painted my first 40k Squat! I picked this up cheap as part of a bundle of interesting stuff a while ago, and have been looking forward to painting it. Putting it up against modern 40k figures, you can really see the difference in quality. Its sculpting isn’t anywhere as crisp. But it has a lot of something lacking in modern figures– character. The GW suits may think of the Squats as a “joke” race, but that means they’re taking seriously guys charging tanks with swords…

The Squats’ backpactch– “SQUATS 4 EVER!”

The spider web tattoo on his elbow shows he did time in the GW boardroom, while he also sports the common F.G.W. outlaw tattoo.

The teardrop under his eye shows he killed a GW middle manager.

I spent waaaaay too much time painting flame effects on the chopper’s tank for them not to be visible. At all. I don’t like the denim effect I tried on the pants…he looks like he’s wearing light blue corduroy. The visor is pretty sloppy, seen close up. I went back and forth about how to paint the headlight, and I think I did it wrong– the upper part should be more chrome, with a clear light below. Ah well, it was fun to paint.
On the other hand, the hair turned out really nicely, and I like the tattoos. That F.G.W. is tiny, let me tell you!


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  1. Mik Says:

    Rock on! He looks great, and a heads up to the humor too. You were a tad harsh on yourself in your critique however, tsk tsk…

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