I ordered the new Warlands box from Aberrant. I love the idea of gaming with lots of modded Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. Like most guys my age, one of my first games was Car Wars. I probably still have the old Steve Jackson plastic case around here somewhere (“Kong triggered the tail guns once more…that would teach HIM not to tailgate!”) along with the Midville supplement (which featured a guy standing up in a convertible, blazing away with a rifle, while still wearing his SEAT BELT!! Awesome!!). Lots of great memories of Car Wars…you just can’t beat the feeling of watching those damage boxes go away as you drill through the outer armor, through the crew and internal components, and then start to wear away the armor on the other side!! Man, I remember buying a tablet of huge graph paper and making all those old arenas…good times!


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2 Responses to “Warlands”

  1. Brian Says:

    Awesome. Count me among the Car Wars Generation. We played that a lot back in my college days. I have a few Hot Wheels cars in my unpainted figures box that I picked up after playing some auto-battle game at Bayou Wars in New Orleans a few years ago. Sounds like it’s time to get those out and do a little kit bashing…

  2. Brian Says:

    Also check out these offerings from Stan Johansen Miniatures. These figures and weapons sets are all in 20mm as well and should be compatible with the Warlands stuff

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