Living the Dream!

I always wanted to say to one of my players upon the start of the game, “Why don’t you just grab a suitable figure out of the many in my display case.” Now, I can. Gamer Achievement unlocked!

The top two shelves are my Darkest Africa figures, some of the best I have, including some Fernando “collector” Ruga Ruga and a Steve Dean askari pictured on Foundry’s website I picked up on eBay for $5.

A sampling of my 15mm Napoleonics, including the HQ stands. I like having them in there, but I really can’t put that many in there, and their largeish bases really cover a lot of real estate and darken the shelves below them. I may redo them.

Superfigs and other superheroes and survivors, and my 40mm AWI/FIW.

My Blood Bowl teams– Skaven, Orc and Human.

Lastly, my Chaos in Cairo figures looking lonely in the bottom deck. I think I will add the Nightlings my kids painted in there.


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2 Responses to “Living the Dream!”

  1. Brian Says:

    you could put the Nappys at the bottom. That would alleviate the problem of the bases blocking out the sun…

  2. Andy Says:

    Yeah, I’ll probably end up doing that.

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