More Historicon Pictures

I got the rest of my Historicon pictures uploaded. I’m back home now and tired, having gotten a couple of months worth of gaming in during a weekend!


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7 Responses to “More Historicon Pictures”

  1. Mik Says:

    These pics are great, but don’t do one item any justice. You’re going to need to tel us more about Snuffles the baby Seal!

  2. Andy Says:

    I don’t know anything else about Snuffles, other than the shot glasses were used in some form of drinking mechanic during it.

  3. Duncan Adams Says:

    I see that my daughter’s Warriors game (with the cats) caught your eye to the extent of photos of the charts. (Did you use a spy camera with microfilm?) I can sent you the original files if you want.

  4. Andy Says:

    Duncan, that would be great! My own 10 year old daughter loves Warriors, and I picked up Blood & Swash just to try recreating this.
    What figures did you use? I was guessing 28mm lionesses for the grown cats. Anyway, the more info I could get, the better.

  5. Richard Claydon Says:

    Hi can I use your great photos of the bunker hill game on our web site. I never get good photos when I am trying to run a game?
    Richard Claydon
    Boston Trained Bands

  6. Andy Says:

    Richard, feel free, just post a link back to the main site, for credit. Thanks!

  7. Richard Claydon Says:

    Thanks will do

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