Happy Birthday, Mik!

Today is Mik‘s birthday. I have played more games with Mik than with any other human being, and he started off his birthday with a blast, as he wound down our first game of 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars as we passed midnight.

In 3:16, you play a member of Terra’s Expeditionary Force, killing aliens across the universe before they can become a threat to Terra. You have two stats– Fighting, and Not Fighting. You track one thing– the number of aliens you have killed. And that, folks, is pretty much the game (or so it seems at first…).

Mik, an AFOL, whipped up some awesome LEGO figures for the game. Of course, I wanted to play a black guy, so now he has to go take all new pictures. I played Timothy Smith Fouronetwo Epsilon. My Conformist Counselor back on Terra had strongly suggested the Expeditionary Forces were right for me, and, as always, she was correct. I may not have racked up as many kills as some of the other pukes in training, but my ability to keep my **** together when it hit the fan saw me rapidly promoted to Sergeant of Delta Squad, Gorgon Platoon, Poseidon Company.

I further demonstrated my abilities on our first mission to Klimt by coolly dispatching aliens with only my sidearm as I led our small part in the destruction of this sentient planet. I used the Strength of my memories of the first time I left Terra, and they removed my Testosterone Negator and Aggression Inhibitors. I had never felt so free and alive! Delta squad followed me to the underground hive nexus target, planted our suitcase nuke (as the Spectres in the Games and Theory Division started the short countdown, the ****s!) and got the **** out of there. I earned my callsign, Satan, and a promotion to Lieutenant of Gorgon Platoon for being cold and cool in the ****.

This is the life!! I can’t wait to do my time out here and return to Terra to live out my days in peace and happiness.


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One Response to “Happy Birthday, Mik!”

  1. Mik Says:

    Hey thanks brother! I won’t get all sappy on ya, I know how you hate that, but I love you man!

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