Aquarium Decorations

Finding gameable stuff in the pet store is always hit and miss, but I found some neat items in the Wal-Mart pet aisle. The grass fronds are “hair grass” pods. What makes them especially nice is their base is an almost flat ring. A quick snip across the bottom to flatten it completely, then dunk them in some epoxy and prop them on a washer, and you’re done. Of course, something that cool is almost impossible to find– it seems like the product is exclusive to Wal-Mart, and I’m guessing they just send one to each store, because while I have been able to find other plants in similar packaging, this is the only hair grass pack I have been able to find. There are some other brands of products online that I’m hoping are the same thing, or at least fairly similar. I’ll order some soon and see.

The giant triceratops skull was $10.00, but I think it will look nice in some jungle terrain. I’ve been thinking about doing some prehistoric animal or even dino hunting games, having bought Tooth and Claw at Historicon. It would fit right in with that…


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