Here is my new ground mat from the Terrain Guy! I also purchased two hills from him. The stuff seems very durable, especially the hills. They appear to be cut like your typical styrene foam hills, but are made from a very firm rubber. I beat them against the table and each other without any sign of wear on them. My initial impression is very positive. Hopefully, we’ll have a game on here soon and I can post some action shots!


2 Responses to “After!”

  1. Landmark Normandy Buildings « Little Lead Heroes Says:

    […] I bought a pretty big set of them to get a discount, and am really pleased! Now I’ve got a nice terrain mat, nice buildings…I’ve got to get the rest of my terrain up to […]

  2. Sigmar Says:

    What an awesome find – thanks for sharing the link to terrain guy. I’ve not seen the site before and the scenery and terrain looks top quality. What I need more than anything else is durability so thanks for the above write up, it gives me some confidence.

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