The number of command stands shall be ten—

“Eleven, sir!”

I gave myself until midnight Sunday, basically a week, to get the command stands done for France 1940. I had laid out all my figures, primed them, and then let them sit on my desk until the weekend and I had time to paint them. Well, I didn’t have quite as much time as I had hoped, but 11:45 PM Sunday rolled around with me popping them off the tongue depressors and scoring the bases in order to glue them on, just under my deadline. But, lo, what’s this? An extra base?? After counting and counting– I had shorted my figures one stand. Sigh. So, one deadline blown and three figures still left to paint before I can move on to the armor…


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2 Responses to “The number of command stands shall be ten—”

  1. Mik Says:

    So I know you just use white glue on the flat-bottomed figs for the tongue depressors, but what do you use when it’s a plastic slottabase or the like?

    I would call ten command stands good enough and move on, it was just an oversight error, I think you’re good to go on armor.

    Inspired by your fig-productivity, I tried to get back int he swing of things this weekend as well. I finally finished my giant superhero, refurbished five Space Marines to fit my army, and refurbished two AT43 Karmans. Now I need to get to painting these durn vikings…

  2. Andy Says:

    For a plastic slottabase, I epoxy the figure into the base and then white glue the base to the tongue depressor.

    And I did need exactly eleven command stands according to the list of forces Brian and I are working on. It was an oversight on my part. Besides, it’s the principle!

    Looking forward to seeing the giant superhero finally!!

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