Battlefront Panzer IV ausf. H platoon

Another dalliance whilst I wait my next order of early war panzers– late war panzers! Panzer IV Hs, to be exact. My son has been making noises about playing Flames of War with me, and I have to think it will be more fun for him to have tanks out there. Next up will be some US Shermans and then the fur will fly. I thought these wound up looking pretty nice. They’re a little more involved than the early war stuff which I can just paint grey! Ah well, the American Shermans should be easy– just OD green. Oh yeah, I should go back and put some insignias on here, I forgot about that. I even picked up some decal solvent. Not really a priority right now, though.

I have been cranking out figures lately! Work has been very busy. It’s better than having nothing to do, but it’s a bit stressful and I have definitely been turning to painting miniatures to relieve some of the stress. This weekend will have a welcome return to some gaming after a few weeks absence and I’m looking forward to it.

Battlefront Panzer IV ausf. H Battlefront Panzer IV ausf. H Battlefront Panzer IV ausf. H Battlefront Panzer IV ausf. H


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3 Responses to “Battlefront Panzer IV ausf. H platoon”

  1. Mik Says:

    Holy crap these look cool! I especially like the ablative armor.

  2. Brian Says:

    Those are really nice Andy. We’re going to have to plan another Late War FOW game soon to get your recent Krauts onto the table.

  3. Eli Arndt Says:

    Nice paint work on the Pz IV. I love Pz IVs, but I can never figure exactly which one I shouldb e fielding when 🙂 So many variations!

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