Landmark Normandy Buildings

A while back, I determined to buy some pre-painted 15mm buildings for WW2. I had dithered back and forth for, really, years on exactly what I wanted to do for 15mm Napoleonics, and I thought this was a good opportunity to solve that problem as well. I had debated going with smaller scale figures to better match the groundscale of Field of Battle. Seriously painting up Flames of War figures kind of sinched it for me– I’d go 15mm.

My first thought was that this was a chance to buy some of those really nice Crescent Root Studios buildings, only to find that they have been on an extended hiatus. I then bought some MBA buildings, having been pleased by some of their 25mm buildings. However, the 15mm just weren’t satisfactory to me– the two parts of the buildings flared out a bit and didn’t sit well. So, I took a chance and looked at Landmark.

Well, really I was looking at Timecast, because I knew they had some high quality buildings. They had bought the Landmark line, which I took as a strong sign. The idea that they were all real buildings was appealing, and they seemed to have a positive rep on the net. I bought a pretty big set of them to get a discount, and am really pleased! I also have LNO 17 High Walls, which I forgot to photograph. I wasn’t as crazy over them, they’re just the wall, with nothing to sit on. But, now I’ve got a nice terrain mat, nice buildings…I’ve got to get the rest of my terrain up to snuff!

LNO14 Arromanches House LNO13 Port-en-Bessin House LNO11 Grandcamp House LNO10 Isigny House LNO9 Breville House LNO8 Hiesville House LNO7 Normandy Cafe LNO5 Farm Outbuilding LNO4 Normandy Barn LNO3 Normandy Farmhouse LNO2 Normandy School


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3 Responses to “Landmark Normandy Buildings”

  1. Brian Cantwell Says:

    I’ve seen this set as well and they are definitely very nice. I have a few of the MBA buildings as well. Before he moved off to Cali, Scott and I combined all of our buildings to do a really nice size French village for Normandy FOW game (

    These should also work for Belgian buildings for the France 40 project

  2. Sigmar Says:

    Thats a nice collection of buildings you have there. Thanks for the miniature building maker links, I’ve just started to look around for some different fantasy terrain so I’m checking them out now.

    my WFB mini gallery
    my WFB battle reports

  3. Priorities for the rest of the year « Little Lead Heroes Says:

    […] Terrain, terrain, terrain. I made a decent start with my purchase of Landmark buildings, but my trees are weak and need to be cleaned up and expanded, and I really want to do some decent […]

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