Priorities for the rest of the year

I’ve been thinking for a while that 2010 was definitely going to be the year of World War 2 for me. I’m pulled by a few other interests, but not strongly enough to really shake that direction. I have a sense of what I want to accomplish before the end of year. Priorities for the rest of 2010 are thus, in rough order:

  1. Finish up my late war Germans. I have a Battlefront Flames of War Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier company, but it’s pretty sparse with options. Today, I received a BF 88 box and a Pak 40 box. I will also soon put an order into WarWeb for some Old Glory figures, probably Jagdpanzer IVs and other miscellany to be determined. My first non-Battlefront figure in that group…but $10.00 for one vs. $13 for three is just too great a difference for me. The late war Germans can be used for one on one games at the house with my son, but also can serve as opponents to Mik’s Guards Armoured company whenever we play alone…thus me getting 88s, Pak 40s and Jagdpanzers!
  2. Finish up my late war American airborne. I have a full airborne company with all the options, plus a machine gun platoon with all the options. I have a Sherman platoon to back them up, but that’s not a lot of…uh, options, if you know what I mean. I have most of a recon jeep platoon and a 57mm anti-tank gun platoon still to paint up, as well as a pack howitzer battery, although as we have usually used off-board artillery in the past, that’s not really a priority. I may expand this with some armored infantry, since I already have the Shermans. I’ll have to measure my options a bit before committing. Again, this is mostly for one on one games at home, or for when needed in the club games.
  3. Finessing Piquet’s Field of Battle WWII. We ran our first game of it, an early war Battle of Hannut. It went pretty well, and the co-organizer suggested we run it for Fall In. That’s pretty cool…I’m not really much of an organizer, just a putterer, but with Brian doing some of the heavy lifting (painting half the figures and organizing the scenario), it worked out really well. But, I want to be more experienced with the rules, so I’ll be trying to run it a few times between now and October, as well and brushing up on the presentation a bit.
  4. Terrain. Terrain, terrain, terrain. I made a decent start with my purchase of Landmark buildings, but my trees are weak and need to be cleaned up and expanded, and I really want to do some decent flexible roads and rivers. I also want to make mucho hedgerows and fields. Painting figures is just so much sexier to me, and so I spend my time doing that, yet every time I go to play on the table, I regret not having better terrain.
  5. Early war everything. I’ve got a decent start on early war Germans, but my French are barely started. FoW’s early war book is just around the corner, and I plan on picking it up. I’d like to run some games of it, so once I have it, I plan to start painting to be able to do so, with the secondary plan of filling out stuff for early war FOB:WWII.

Other projects that are nagging at me:

  • 40mm skirmish. I have a fair start at FIW/AWI figures, as well a box full of Peninsular War figures. I’d like to start on the Peninsular War figures and making the terrain as dual purpose as possible.
  • 6mm Yom Kippur War. I’ve got a good start on this, with just a little bit more work, I could have some really successful games of Cold War Commander. Heck, they’ll probably have a new edition of these $50.00 rules by the time I get around to actually running much…
  • Skirmish. I’d like to work on finding a good skirmish sets. We have been playing Song of Blades and Heroes, which is good for fantasy. We just can’t really find anything satisfactory for Sci-Fi. Plus, I’d like to do some more Superhero gaming.

I’m sure I could come up with another project or two. Actually, I think the idea of devoting the entire year largely to one project has been pretty successful for me. I have really made a fair amount of focused progress, which is a bit unusual for me. I may do something similar next year, or break it into six months increments for something smaller in scope.


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4 Responses to “Priorities for the rest of the year”

  1. Brian Cantwell Says:


    I’m lookinh forward to the Fall In game. I think it will be a hoot and we’ve already done a lot of the proverbial heavy lifting.

    Also, don’t forget that you can use your LW figs for FOB as well. I thought our FOW/FOB hybrid basers worked fantastically well, so any FOW collection can become a FOB game.

    • Andy Says:

      Yes, I’m looking at running some late war (or even North Africa, although I don’t have the figs) FOB games, maybe as part of a Piquet Theatre of War campaign.

  2. Christopher Osborn Says:

    Color me impressed. Or should I say, paint me impressed…

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