New Terrain Guy Terrain

The Terrain Guy recently ran a summer sale which amounted to about 20% off. Actually, it was $20 off of a $100 order. What this amounted to was me making sure my order exceeded $100 by as little as possible– I’m sure he would have made more money had it been a straight 20% off. Let that be a lesson to you retailers. Anyway, I have been really pleased with his terrain mat and hills, so this time I went for roads, fields and hedges. Overall, I’m pretty pleased, although not quite bowled over like I was with the mat and hills.

The roads are nicely done. I bought the main 15mm dirt set and the straight expansion, and as you can see from the pictures below, for about $80, I got more than I could put onto an 8’x5′ table. I probably would have been better served by getting the curve set instead of the extra straight set. I’ll probably divide a couple of the full length pieces into much smaller lengths to make them fit a little better to the table. They seem pretty durable, with some sort of black rubber base with texturing on top, and then painted top and bottom. They appear to stick to each other, though, and came divided by sheets of paper. We’ll see how that works out long term– I did note that where they stuck together and pulled paint away, nothing ever came off the visible top, only the bottom. Also, I realize now that they’re pretty wide. Perfectly suitable for Flames of War, where the figure size and ground scale are relatively close, but I also intend to do much larger scale games, where these will be way too big. I think the 10mm roads would have been more suitable for me.

I also bought the 10/12/15mm medium plowed field set (FI-PL-M-10). They look really sturdy. As you can see from below, they aren’t that flexible (and weren’t sold as such). I have never seen a field that wasn’t plowed all the way to the edge, so I’m not really sure what the clearing around the field is supposed to represent. In fact, although it doesn’t look bad on the table, I’m considering trimming that off.

The small light green hedges were the weakest of the bunch. They’re advertised as not “pot-scrubbers,” although the advantage of whatever they are didn’t really stand out. The hedge is flocked, and appeared to have lost a fair bit of flock in shipping. You’ll also note that that on the website, the bases are flocked; yet mine arrived with painted popsicle stick bases.

DSCN5014 DSCN5013 DSCN5012 DSCN5011 DSCN5010 DSCN5009



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