In just the last two weeks…

I’ve had to completely replace the water service line to my house, had my car diagnosed with bad bearings in the crankshaft (read: new car), dropped a tumbler and shattered my wife’s ceramic cooktop, and now just had a screw put a quarter inch hole right through a tire, and spent an hour on the side of the road trying to figure out how to get the spare loose and change the tire!  The only upside of all of this is that vehicle needed new tires anyway.  My poor wife has spent the last three hours at the tire dealer, waiting around with our irritable two year old who should have napped two hours ago.  Ah well.  Having had two people in our lives diagnosed with cancer in the last couple of years, we’re able to keep things in perspective!  I still want to complain to the Internet, though!!

Edit: Got home and my fridge light was out…


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