About This Site

Please link to http://www.littleleadheroes.com/ as this site’s main URL.

The hobby and general fun blog for Andy, a.k.a. The Gonk on various miniatures forums. I play historical and non-historical miniatures games, role-playing games and board games.

My gaming began in the early ’80s with 1st edition D&D as a youth. It expanded into Battletech, Star Frontiers, Boot Hill, and especially Car Wars. I painted some Ral Partha D&D character figures and some 1/72 and 1/35 WW2 figures. Unfortunately, living in a small town, other enthusiasts were rare. I do recall seeing painted AWI units on display at our local library and being very impressed.

Gaming was largely dropped through high school and college, and was rekindled in grad school when I found a guy in our department with a custom calendar decorated with Squat trikes. We hit it off, and he introduced me into Epic and Blood Bowl. A local Blood Bowl league was formed, several of whom still stay in touch and some even game weekly some thirteen odd years later.

I’ve been gaming historicals for the last ten or so years. I started cold, not knowing any local historical gamers, but have since connected with some.

I am married with three children ten and younger, not leaving an especially large amount of time to game.


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