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February 21, 2009

I read about the movie Doomsday on a post-apocalypse project blog recently, and stuck it in the Netflix queue. It was, as expected, mostly mindless fun, but still fun. Imagine Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior meets 28 Days Later and Resident Evil, with a sprinkling of Escape From New York, Conan the Barbarian and Silence of the Lambs thrown in. How could it be bad? If only they could have squeezed in Aliens and Big Trouble in Little China…but there’s always the sequel, I suppose!



February 12, 2009

Just watch.


December 19, 2008

Now this movie sounds fun– Vikings vs. Aliens. There are some decent looking trailers here.

More Godzilla Art

December 15, 2008

This time it’s my son, who has recreated the cover of Godzilla 2000. We haven’t watched it yet, and he’s been begging me the last couple of days to watch Rodan, but I imagine we’ll get around to it before too long.


Godzilla vs. Dr. Serizawa

December 15, 2008

My daughter drew this for me today– the dramatic finale of Godzilla, King of the Monsters! Dr. Serizawa has just detonated the Oxygen Destroyer to kill Godzilla and save humanity, then cut his own lifeline, sacrificing himself so that all knowledge of the terrible device would die with him and never be used as a weapon. Plus, his wife can now honorably marry the man she really loves.


Oh No, There Goes Tokyo…

December 13, 2008

My oldest boy has strep and my girl has a cold, so I tried to think of something fun I could do for them as they are quarantined at home. Having been playing MPoc with the boy a bit recently, we camped out a safe distance apart on the couches and I popped in Godzilla, King of the Monsters!


The World Turned Upside Down

July 20, 2008

What kind of world is it that we live in when we are so blessed with choice that it has become impossible to determine the best comic book superhero movie? Because, let me tell you, the Dark Knight is awesome. It completely gives Iron Man a run for its money. Heath Ledger was the best Joker ever– no laughing gas, no stupidity, just sheer broken insanity– but he couldn’t have carried the movie, and the awesome performance by all the other major actors here really make for a quality movie. I think I would pick Iron Man as my favorite, although I’m not sure it’s fair to compare– the Dark Knight is a very dark movie, in terms of world view and morality, whereas Iron Man is much more traditional.

Return of the Jedi

May 19, 2008

The kids finished the original Star Wars trilogy this weekend. Both really enjoyed it, but my daughter has quickly turned into a full-on Star Wars geek. She immediately went out and created her own visual dictionary with pictures of all the main characters. I mentioned the Thrawn Trilogy, and the Solo twins, and she whipped up an illustrated short story about Luke’s daughter Ashley Skywalker fighting the Emperor’s son. She’s already half-way through Heir to the Empire. This has gone too far! I’ve got to sit her down and make her watch Star Trek (the original series).

The Empire Strikes Back

May 12, 2008

I rented TESB over the weekend. I had plans to, anyway, to make sure the kids found out Darth Vader was Luke’s father by watching the movie, but it was also a good way to give the kids something to think about other than Bear’s death. They really enjoyed it, my 8 year old daughter especially. As Darth Vader asked Luke to join him to rule the galaxy, she was yelling, “No! Say no! Say no!” And when Darth Vader said he was Luke’s father, she just sat there for a minute, then said, “He’s lying.”

The Fun in Star Wars

May 8, 2008

My 7 year old son recently reached a nice reading goal at school, and I rewarded him by renting Star Wars for him. I have never seen such gratitude from my son, who leaped onto me while thanking me profusely. Now, those that know me know that I am absolutely no fan of George Lucas. In fact, I could be characterized at times as actively hostile. However, I refrained from poisoning my son’s opinion, and let him and his sister watch it. It’s really been great to see them enjoying it. They know of Anakin Skywalker and know that he’s Luke’s father, and they know that Darth Vader killed Anakin…but they don’t KNOW. I’m going to get ESB very soon so that none of their friends spoil it for them. My son is currently in his room, playing the Star Wars theme on his stereo too loudly and singing along with it (dunh dunh dunh duuuuuunh duuunh, dunh dunh dunh DUUUUUUUNH duuunh…) and laying in the floor playing with my old old Star Wars figures…from when I was just about his age… Anyway, it’s not that I can’t enjoy playing with Star Wars figures, too.