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Piquet: Field of Battle River Crossing Game

July 24, 2007

Here are some pictures from our latest Piquet: Field of Battle game. It was a rather surprising rout at a river crossing.



My First Napoleonics Game

February 13, 2006

*SNIFF* I’ve finally painted enough figures to put on my first Napoleonics game with my own gear. I’m so proud. I do believe that, finally, this officially makes me a Historical Gamer. Now I just have to finish the initiation ritual of criticising somebody’s else’s uniform painting!


Napoleonics on the March

February 8, 2006

I decided to take a break in all the Sci-Fi stuff I have been doing lately and go back and finish flocking all my Napoleonic bases I hadn’t done.


Baron de Marbot

January 10, 2006

I’ve been reading the Memoirs of Baron de Marbot from Napoleonic Literature. I started it because it was free, I could download it to my Pocket PC, and a brief survey showed he served in the 1809 campaign. Now I see that he was one of the contested two first into Ratisbon! That’s pretty cool, I had thought that was a great story, but never paid any attention to the name and had no idea that I was reading his memoir. It’s really a great read. Did you know a horse can bite a man’s face off his head? According to Marbot, it can– and his did, to a Russian Grenadier at Eylau, in addition to disemboweling a French sergeant. That was one scary horse.

Légère Painted

December 1, 2005

I finished a bag of Battle Honors 15mm French Légère tonight.


I just painted twice as fast!

September 27, 2005

Ha! I’ve been whining a lot about how slowly I’ve painted my Naps, 350+ figures over two years. Well, I bought them two years ago, but poking around my site, I just found this entry which indicates I fooled around and only painted about 50 in the first year. So, overall, I’ve been painting my Naps twice as quickly as I thought I had been! I guess it’s nice to keep a little journal to track your progress…

Uhlans on the way

September 26, 2005

Got half a unit of Napoleonic Astrian Uhlans painted yesterday…


Napoleonic Milestone!

September 25, 2005

Finally. Twelve bags of Battle Honors figures, two years and 366 painted figures later, I’ve reached a milestone…


1809 Austria Campaign

September 18, 2005

TMP has a nice thread on books for the Napoleonic 1809 Austrian campaign.

More Miniatures Painted

September 26, 2004

I’ve now finished some Napoleonic French artillery.