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WindSword Accessories Terrain

November 3, 2010
WindSword Accessories

I picked up these dental plaster dinosaur bones/fossils terrain pieces at Fall-In. The packaging was labeled “WindSword Accessories,” which I had never heard of. However, they were quite nicely priced, 3.50-4.00 for everything except the big piece, and I thought they would provide a lot of atmosphere to my new prehistoric big game hunt board. My son was very excited to see them and can’t wait to paint them for me. I’m starting to think this was a very good idea…


Old Dog Learns New Tricks

October 18, 2010

Got my German 88 battery finished. My late war Germans are based using static grass. It’s not a technique I’m crazy about, but I got a big tub of it in trade so what the hell, right? I had them sealed with gloss sealer then Dullcote, just bought a new damn car today, and had 3/4 of a bottle of Four Roses left, so I thought, frell, let’s finish these puppies. I flocked them as usually– an irregular covering of Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement followed up by the static grass and gentle lateral blowing to get them to stand up. But. I had bookmarked a recent page describing making more realistic terrain– thought I’d pull it back and and see what they had to say about it. Lo and behold, they have a page on realistic grass. It’s basically static grass drybrushed tan, light orange or light blue? LOL!  The only drybrushed static grass I recall are Keven Dallimore’s Foundry figures– I bought a catalog Askarai for $5 off eBay, just to examine his painting technique in person– and it looked like paint slopped on static grass.  But whatever, I’m drunk, let’s do it. A light drybrushing of Delta Ceramcoat’s Country Tan, and a very light (although not quite light enough) drybrushing of DC’s Wedgeworth Blue and what do you know– it does look better. The picture really highlights the flaws, but in the flesh, they do look better. I’ll be keeping this up. With or without the bourbon.  (probably with!)

More Concertina

August 26, 2010

Greg’s Wargaming Blog shows an easier method for making larger scale concertina wire obstacles.

Concertina Wire

August 25, 2010

Armored Ink has a nice article on building concertina wire obstacles.

New Terrain Guy Sale

August 24, 2010

Speak of the devil, and he doth appear. The Terrain Guy blasted out a new e-mail about a straight 20% sale, although only on selected products. Looks like he is now an MBA retailer, with much of his stock at 20% off. Not bad, although I wasn’t crazy about the 15mm MBA townhouses I bought from WarWeb. However, his wonderful hills are on sale, too…also, although not on sale, he has now included nicely thin 6mm roads…

New Terrain Guy Terrain

August 23, 2010

The Terrain Guy recently ran a summer sale which amounted to about 20% off. Actually, it was $20 off of a $100 order. What this amounted to was me making sure my order exceeded $100 by as little as possible– I’m sure he would have made more money had it been a straight 20% off. Let that be a lesson to you retailers. Anyway, I have been really pleased with his terrain mat and hills, so this time I went for roads, fields and hedges. Overall, I’m pretty pleased, although not quite bowled over like I was with the mat and hills.


Landmark Normandy Buildings

April 9, 2010

A while back, I determined to buy some pre-painted 15mm buildings for WW2. I had dithered back and forth for, really, years on exactly what I wanted to do for 15mm Napoleonics, and I thought this was a good opportunity to solve that problem as well. I had debated going with smaller scale figures to better match the groundscale of Field of Battle. Seriously painting up Flames of War figures kind of sinched it for me– I’d go 15mm.

My first thought was that this was a chance to buy some of those really nice Crescent Root Studios buildings, only to find that they have been on an extended hiatus. I then bought some MBA buildings, having been pleased by some of their 25mm buildings. However, the 15mm just weren’t satisfactory to me– the two parts of the buildings flared out a bit and didn’t sit well. So, I took a chance and looked at Landmark.

Well, really I was looking at Timecast, because I knew they had some high quality buildings. They had bought the Landmark line, which I took as a strong sign. The idea that they were all real buildings was appealing, and they seemed to have a positive rep on the net. I bought a pretty big set of them to get a discount, and am really pleased! I also have LNO 17 High Walls, which I forgot to photograph. I wasn’t as crazy over them, they’re just the wall, with nothing to sit on. But, now I’ve got a nice terrain mat, nice buildings…I’ve got to get the rest of my terrain up to snuff!

LNO14 Arromanches House LNO13 Port-en-Bessin House LNO11 Grandcamp House LNO10 Isigny House LNO9 Breville House LNO8 Hiesville House LNO7 Normandy Cafe LNO5 Farm Outbuilding LNO4 Normandy Barn LNO3 Normandy Farmhouse LNO2 Normandy School

New Terrain Initiation

February 14, 2010

My new Terrain Guy game mat and hills got their maiden battle Friday night. Mik has a report and pictures. I am a satisfied customer.


February 10, 2010

Here is my new ground mat from the Terrain Guy! I also purchased two hills from him. The stuff seems very durable, especially the hills. They appear to be cut like your typical styrene foam hills, but are made from a very firm rubber. I beat them against the table and each other without any sign of wear on them. My initial impression is very positive. Hopefully, we’ll have a game on here soon and I can post some action shots!


February 10, 2010

Here is my gaming table as it typically looks. The ground cloth is a dark green felt cloth. Over time, I’ve grown dissatisfied with it. My current gaming area is not lit that well, which really emphasizes how dark it is. I’ve looked around locally for a replacement, but I’ve never found anything that I was satisfied with. However…