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What I’m Working On

February 13, 2009

I’ve started on my February terrain for Trucidos. While that is strictly true, unfortunately, this was done in January, and I have yet to actually work on anything this month. That will change soon.



January Terrain Finished

January 31, 2009

Got the fountain finished, completing my January terrain for the Trucidos campaign and giving me 162 square inches of terrain for the full three campaign points.


The Last January Terrain

January 29, 2009

Here’s my last bit of January terrain getting finished up. This is an old ceramic Christmas village fountain I found in a box as I was cleaning up some old terrain junk. I had used it for some 25mm WW2 skirmish gaming, but never done anything with it. The chipped areas were two red birds I knocked away. Snow patches were covered with spackle mixed with brown paint, which also served as a contour for the rubble I would glue on. The rubble was my usual mix of clay cat litter and bits from my rubble bag…I saw sprues, both metal and lead, a computer case fan, a piece of a blade and some side mounted machine guns from a destroyed 1/72 helicopter model kit, sculpture contour mesh, stripped wire insulation, dried paint scrapped from a bottle…


Crane Finished

January 26, 2009

Got the crane finished tonight. It’s 10.5×12″, or 126 square inches. I have two other small pieces under development that will put me over 144 for January for my campaign points, just need to get one done. With the two 7.5″ square pieces I did before the campaign started, I have around 472 square inches, or almost four square feet, of this white industrial terrain. It feels like a lot, yet it’s only 1/3 of what I should end up with for the duration of the campaign.


Dirty Water Wash

January 25, 2009

Pictures of more “dirty water wash” across my crane. The dark wash is all dirty paint water, and I’ve also laid down some rust. I should note that I added some flow-aid to my paint water before using it as a wash. I’ll go over the whole thing with a diluted Gryphonne Sepia wash next. The rubble is drybrushed a series of lighter greys. I then put put small areas of various washes on it. Next, I’ll cover the whole thing in undiluted Badab Black and, after that dries, a light drybrushing of tan.


The Perfect Urban Rubble Wash?

January 25, 2009

“Heh heh, oh man, my brush water is getting dirty. That’s awful. It’s really time to change it. Why, there’s so much pigment floating around in there, it’s like cleaning my brush with another paint! Well, okay, not so much a paint, but definitely a…wash!!”


Trucidos, Game 2

January 16, 2009

I got the second game of our Trucidos campaign finished tonight. It was a 750 point rematch between Chris and me, and a much harder fought battle. However, I managed through tactics and forgotten rules to wrangle out, in the end, a draw…


January Terrain: Ready to Prime

January 12, 2009

My Necromunda gang scrabbles over the ruined crane. Who needs Vents when you’ve got a crane, baby! I had hoped to prime it today, since it had stopped raining and we had some nice weather, but I never got the rubble on until tonight. I’ll let it (hopefully) dry over night, and prime it tomorrow. The forecast looks cold, but dry. With a little bit of luck, I’ll have it done in time for our campaign game on Thursday.


January Terrain

January 9, 2009

I kind of didn’t want to post anything until I was finished, but I’m excited about this and thought I’d post some work in progress shots. I was at the store with my wife today, doing some shopping. I needed some more epoxy for what I was planning for my January Trucidos terrain. It was kind of an extension of my industrial style terrain I’ve done so far. One of the things I had been thinking about was a crane, but it seemed very intimidating and time consuming to scratch build myself. And as I was walking through the discount toys, I saw this…



December 31, 2008

Aaaaaaaaaand DONE! Got my December pieces done just under the wire. I’m in with 267.75 square inches of campaign terrain. I think I will start my January terrain tomorrow, so I don’t run into this crunch again! But, I have to say, deadlines work. That’s 267.75 square inches of terrain that I would not have had were it not for our campaign.