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Battlefront jeeps and M8 Greyhounds

October 23, 2010

Got a Cavalry recon platoon started for my Airborne. I’ll be glad to finally be able to use the Flames of War recon rules! I still need to pick up three stands of 60mm mortars to finish it off, and paint another three jeeps to carry them in. And decals. I did decals on the 88 vehicles and they turned out alright. I’m just not in any hurry for that.


My Son’s Book

October 14, 2009

My eight year old son and I have been talking about vikings and other medieval things lately, and he decided he was going to write a book about vikings. Great, son, you go do that. Well, he has written up a table of contents for his book…

Ooooh MY!

July 30, 2009

Mongo’s Wafflehouse is an interesting blog with lots of 15mm zombie and Super System entries…including a converted Ambiguously Gay Duo

More Hirst Pieces Completed

January 17, 2006

More pictures of my finished Hirst starship pieces. I wouldn’t have thought so, but it’s more trouble to paint these things than to actually cast them.


Grunt! Online

July 6, 2003

The great Vietnam wargaming site Grunt! has moved to

Seven Firefights in Vietnam Online

October 29, 2002

Seven Firefights in Vietnam in online at the U.S. Army Center of Military History.