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The kids are painting well

November 10, 2010

I’ve been painting a fair bit with the kids lately. Here is a bunch of long out-of-print Harlequin Nightlings we’ve been painting. Once they’re done, it’s hard for me to tell which ones I’ve painted and which they have. As I’ve mentioned, we’ve used what I call the Velas Technique: stain painting over white primer, followed by a dip. It’s very forgiving to beginning painters, and the GW Devlin Mud wash makes a non-toxic, water clean up dip that even the kids can apply. We still have several Nightlings to paint, although right now my son and I are painting Primaeval Designs Woolly Mammoths and Neanderthals. He’s very much into prehistory, which is largely why I purchased them, and has repeatedly begged to paint for free, but I force him to take wages! “Son, if somebody offers you money to do something you really want to do, you say YES!”

Harlequin Nightlings Harlequin Nightlings Harlequin Nightlings Harlequin Nightlings Harlequin Nightlings Harlequin Nightlings Harlequin Nightlings Harlequin Nightlings


…and I would have based it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!

March 1, 2010

My last four stands of OG 15mm old glory CD early war German infantry are lying on table. Next to them lies four stands of HMGs. All are loose, though. Because somebody in this house has taken my @$%#ing glue. Yes, my glue. The one with “DAD’S GLUE! DO NOT TAKE!” written on it repeatedly in bold black Sharpie. It’s written thusly because harsh experience has shown my two older kids will TAKE my glue and, with callous disregard for me, not return it. I inevitably do not notice this until it is needed, late in the evening, once they are all asleep in bed, as I have been slaving away over the ungrateful little heathen all day. Frankly, I suspect another culprit in this heinous crime. The devious duo typically leave their ill-gotten goods in some easily found location. Yet I have scoured all the bedrooms and closets in the house with my pitiful iPod for a flashlight, and not discovered my glue anywhere. This leads me to believe that their mother has cleaned up the evidence of their crime behind them, and placed it in some godforsaken location where the kids’ art supplies are apparently kept. Like a mafia hitman, I always know when my wife has “cleaned something up,” as I never see hide nor hair of it ever again.